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Meet the Green Team! We are the writers of the blog and love what we do! This page is very important to all of us and we like to keep it interesting for our readers. To help us keep on top of things we are now offering anybody to guest post. Just fill out our contact form, send us your article, and we will review it.

About us:

Our interests are mainly in volunteering. We all try to do everything with the environment in mind. We also like to keep our money locally in the economy and also hire local companies. Our office is mowed by a local landscaper, our products are built locally in the United States, and our water is from one of the many rivers in Georgia. This blog is a resource where we can share our thoughts on the environment. We look forward to getting to know all about you!

Our Green Writer

Ryan Bentley

Main Writer

Ryan is an expert in environmentally friendly topics. He loves what he does and enjoys spending most of his day writing blog posts.

Green Team US

Lorenzo Kial


Hi everybody! My name is Lorenzo. I currently work for a software company in Michigan, but in my spare time I love to contribute to blogs. I enjoy writing about how I can help the environment and want to get to know you!