Building an Environmentally Friendly Society!

Green Atlanta is focused on growing a society that is more aware of the effects of pollution.  We love hearing stories of companies who are going green and helping the community. If your business is going green, tell us! We would love to highlight your company on our website. Currently, we are focused on industries where there is a lot of pollution. We are specifically talking about lawn care companies, pest control companies, and other outdoor businesses. Lawn mowers, trucks, and other heavy equipment like that cause a lot of pollution and are hard to get rid of.  It is important that you follow ozone action days in order to keep the greenhouse gasses at a minimum.

Pest Control companies are a whole different kind of pollution. Fertilizers and pesticides ruin our environment. They kill untargeted animals, fish, and sometimes even children! IF you are going to hire a pest control company it is important that you ask for samples and tell them to tell you what kind of pesticides they are putting down. It is required by law for the pesticide company to have a license and to tell you what restricted-use pesticides are being put down!  When pesticides are used at schools this is even a bigger problem. Kids could get very sick and even die if they get in contact with pesticides. At the beginning of the school year it is a requirement for the school to notify the parents that they will informed prior to any pesticide treatment.

Landscaping can also be an environment hazard. Each time the land is dug up to make room for a new landscape, animals are being displaced and habitats are being ruined. We urge you to be as concious of the environment as possible when you are switching up your landscape. If it is not necessary, we strongly implore you not to do it. Loud trucks and bull dozers will disturb the environment and keep animals from coming back on your land for a long time. Landscaping effects everything from ants to coyotes, to deer.

We have noticed that many Georgia lawn companies are not very environmentally friendly. This makes us very sad to see. We called up over 50 of these companies, and only a few told us that they may change some of their practices to make the environment a better place. However, in Michigan, specifically Grand Rapids, we have had much success talking to the owners of pest control companies and lawn care companies including Perfection Lawn Care They have been very good listeners and realize we need a change. There are several companies that I highlighted in this article and will continue to do so, as they set a good example for all of us to follow.

One company in Michigan, told me that he realized pesticides are not good for the environment. He told me he is trying to find organic pesticides that are effective. He already has gotten rid of all synthetic fertilizers, and is putting down only organic fertilizer to make the grass green.

A car company in MI told me that they are focusing on only selling green environmentally friendly cars. This means they will stop selling gas guzzling trucks and cars that have horrible fuel mileage. This will not only help the environment, but it will save the consumer on gas. People do not realize that driving around and inserting gas fumes into the world, is not the only thing about gas that is bad for the environment. Gas is made out of oil. Guess where oil comes from? Oil rigs! These oil rigs are found everywhere around the world. Many are where animals live which destroys the habitat. These oil rigs are also found in the gulf of Mexico. Because they are in the Gulf, they spill often. Back in 2008 BP spilled 1000’s of gallons of oil into the gulf, killing an incredible amount of wild life.



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