Environmentally Friendly Cars

 The most environment-friendly cars

Motor vehicle manufacturers have, over the years improved on technology and design in order to come up with more comfortable and more fuel-efficient vehicles. So, what are environmentally friendly cars? This are motor vehicles that are economical on fuel consumption hence a reduced rate of environmental pollution. Gas-electric vehicles have a lower rate of environmental pollution in comparison to fuel-powered vehicles. Here are top three most environment-friendly cars in the world.

  1. Acura RSX

This sports piece is more popular amongst young people. It is the best vehicle for any performance-oriented drivers. The first model of the vehicle had a high environment pollution rate. However, over the years they have worked to improve it and thus coming up with this model. It has the lowest percentage of fumes release in comparison to other vehicles. This saloon sports car comes in two main types. That is, automatic and manual cars. These mechanisms allow for low fuel consumption, making it cheaper for most people. In order to change the vehicles engine oil, you only require four quarts of oil. You also can use biodegradable lubricants for proper maintenance of the metallic parts of the engine. This makes Acura RSX world’s most environment-friendly vehicle.

  1. Chevrolet Aveo

In the beginning, this particular model had a high fuel consumption rate hence its rejection in the market. This prompted the manufacturers to change its fuel consumption rate making it a more efficient car than it was. This saw its popularity increase to a point where it became the best-selling vehicle in the company. It is a normal saloon and not a sports car. It is available in ochre, baby blue, black, white, red, lemon green, yellow, and maroon. It is rated as world’s second most environment-friendly car.

  1. Chevrolet Cobalt

This sleek sedan saloon sports car acts as a replacement for the cavalier, one of the various Chevrolet models. This vehicle is more popular among the youth and especially, Safari Rally drivers when competing in races. It has a high refinement and performance where fuel consumption is concerned, ranking it the third most environmentally friendly car. Some models are gas; electrically powered hence the low fuel consumption. They are readily available in white, royal blue, bright yellow lilac, navy blue and green.

Environmentally friendly cars have gained popularity amongst people of all ages. They do not only save you on the cost of fuel or gas but also keep the environment clean with minimal to zero pollution rates.

Here at Green Atlanta, we love it when car manufacturers decide to make cars more environmentally friendly. The less gas cars go through, the less pollution goes into the environment!